why eat itsu noodles

why eat itsu noodles

All natural, instant noodles in restaurant inspired broths. itsu have created two delicious ranges of Asian noodles: crystal noodle [cups] and udon noodles.

All our broths are made from a paste not power- giving the soup a full flavour and rich texture.

Our noodles are exclusively sourced from Asia. Our crystal noodles are made with just two ingredients: potato and pea starch- naturally gluten free and zero fat. Our udon noodles are made with wheat, oil and salt.

Both crystal and udon noodles are enjoyed throughout Asia where a healthy diet is the everyday norm. The Japanese celebrate crystal and udon noodles for filling you up without weighing you down.

All natural- no artificial flavours, preservatives or MSG.

Quick and easy to prepare- simply add hot water.

Our delicious, healthy noodles are perfect as a light lunch, supper or snack. Feel free to accessorise your itsu noodles with fresh veg, cooked chicken, green leaves…just about any leftovers from the fridge or cupboard.

Did you know? 

the noodle aisle is now fit  

At itsu [grocery] we know how busy life can be. We also know that the whether you’re rushing from work to grab a quick lunch to eat at your desk, hungry on the way home from work (or even better- the gym!) in need of a quick, healthy dinner or craving a light but filling snack mid-afternoon, the options can be limited.

Instant noodles have long been considered a convenient light meal or snack but are unappetising both the health and taste conscious.

We were determined to right this wrong and worked tirelessly to create an instant noodle option that was healthy, all natural and delicious.

Say goodbye to filthy instant noodles and hello to fun, fit, fresh instant noodles.

The noodle aisle has been revolutionised. Now featuring designer noodles that money can buy.

when we say meat, we mean meat

Mail online recently revealed that carnivorous snacks contain NO MEAT whatsoever. Despite the ‘meaty’ description, tons of snacks and instant meals use artificial flavourings to recreate a meat taste.

Did you know that Pot Noodle’s meaty flavoured pots including sausage casserole, chicken & mushroom and Chinese chow main contains flavour enhancers but no sausage or chicken.

Golden Wonder’s ‘normous’ noodle pot chicken & mushroom doesn’t contain any chicken, neither does its ‘Nation’s Noodle’ beef and tomato flavour contain any beef.

Although it is not illegal, the mention of meat can be misleading to those who love and want meaty snacks and also to vegetarians who think they are off limits.

At itsu, we are proud that our meaty products contain at least 15% real meat. All natural broths- no artificial flavours, preservatives or MSG. So whether you are enjoying our chicken classic noodle [cup], chicken Jaipur, thai yum yum or [what the] duck, rest assured that the delicious meaty flavour comes from real meaty goodness. 

gluten free is going global 

Whether for medical reasons or health reasons, gluten free products are becoming increasingly popular.

 Gluten free recipes for meals and snacks are easy to come by but it is far harder finding a gluten free option when on-the-go and looking for a healthy, light lunch or dinner.

 Hello itsu crystal noodle [cups]- a perfect solution for gluten-free’ers in need of an instant light, lunch, supper or snack. Simply add hot water.

 itsu [grocery] are the only brand to have a full range of gluten free noodles. So whether you’re craving classic meaty chicken, something spicy, fragrant lemongrass chicken, rich duck or light vegetable, we have the perfect light, lunch, supper or snack for you.

 Feel free to accessorize your gluten free noodles with other gluten free ingredients.

slurp noodles the Japanese way 

The Japanese can eat a bowl of noodles beautifully in under five minutes. How? They have perfected the art of noodle slurping. Believe it or not, true noodle connoisseurs don’t chew the noodles but swallow them whole, believing that the true flavour of noodles is felt in the throat, not the tongue.

The art of noodle slurping can be observed in any udon shop in Japan. Noodle shops are relatively quiet places- people don’t talk much to each other, but huddle over their bowls concentrating on perfect noodle slurping: noodles must be sucked up hard, fast enough that they don’t slide across your chin but slow enough so that broth doesn’t flick all over you and your friends.

The art of noodle eating is easily mastered- at the itsu offices we are gradually becoming experts in beautiful noodle slurping thanks to lots of practice with our delicious crystal noodle [cups]. The next task for the team is learning how to swallow the noodles whole like the Japanese…

re-use that stand out spork

In your crystal noodle [cup] you’ll find a bright pink spork. Creating our stand-out spork was quite a challenge. We had to create a utensil that successfully grabbed the noodles whilst also holding the delicious broth.

The team at itsu [grocery] spent months experimenting with sporks- lengthening the prongs so they held onto the slippery noodles and deepening the spoon to make it more like a ladle to hold as much broth as possible.

 After months of development the solution was achieved- and the result is spork-tastic!

Our sporks are so special it would be a waste to throw them away (not to mention bad for the envioronment!) So we made sure they can be popped in the dishwasher and re-used- with your morning cereal to help ladle up your milk, in your lunchbox to sweep up your soup or salad or as a serving spoon for dips.