itsu gyoza 

itsu gyoza dinner dumplings can be found in numerous dishes on the itsu menu and are now available  in the frozen aisle of your local supermarket.

These little parcels of joy are quick & easy to prepare (just 3-6 minutes from frozen), versatile and restaurant- quality.

These delicately steamed gyoza are an easy way to introduce authentic Asian cuisine to your dinner time. They are entirely free from MSG, come with complimentary dipping sauces and are available in hand re-sealable bags.

Preparing gyoza has never been easier, serve them by boiling, pan-cooking, microwaving or steaming in just 3-6 minutes from freezer to plate.  To create quick and satisfying meals that please even the most refined of taste-buds; try them in broths, mixed into stir-fries or with noodles or rice. 

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