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secret of life box

secret of life box
secret of life box
secret of life box
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secret of life box


Japan has more people living to over 100 years of age and the lowest obesity rate in the developed world. What’s their secret? Eat beautiful.


The Japanese eat miso for breakfast, lunch and dinner- as a soup, a marinade, a glaze, a dressing and a spread. Why should the Japanese not share their secret of life? It is our mission to bring miso to the masses in the UK.


We’ve made miso available to buy online. Our secret of life box contains 12 miso sachets- delivered direct to your home through your postbox.


itsu miso soup is less than 44 calories per serving- perfect for healthy swaps, and diet and detox programs including the 5:2. Made of soybeans, miso is a sirtfood, perfect for the sirtfood diet.


High in protein, vitamins and fibre, the Japanese celebrate miso for strengthening immunity and digestion, preventing osteoporosis and obesity and aiding memory.


£7.20 and free delivery, delivered direct to your home within 3-5 days of your order.

Price: £7.20

Ingredients: Soya Paste (Soya, Water, Salt, Rice, Alcohol, Roasted Barley Flour), Water, Alcohol, Seaweed, Seasoned Kelp Extract (Kelp Extract, Hydrogenated Starch Syrup, Alcohol, Salt, Thickener: Xanthan Gum), Sugar, Yeast Extract Powder, Salt, Bonito Extract (Fish), Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat, Soya, Salt), Dried Bonito Powder (Fish).

Weight: 300g (12 x 25g)

Nutritional Values:
5.1 - 4.2g - 1.0g - 44kcal - 183kj - 1.2g - trace - 2.6g - 2.6g

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